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December 23, 2010

They say this is Christmas…..

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That’s the wonderful thing about the holiday season. It’s a time of year when people of all faiths set aside their differences to worship a common higher purpose: the religion of consumerism. Flocks of all colors and creeds make their annual pilgrimages to consumerism’s many temples – sometimes known as “malls” – to prostrate themselves at the discount aisle and to sacrifice the balance of their credit cards. Indeed, people who don’t even believe in Jesus Christ or the virgin birth can still be found queuing up for two-for-one tie sales and half- off kitchen appliance clearances. We remember reading somewhere, a highly regarded scientific journal perhaps, that the sound of the collective global credit card swipe around this time of year is audible even in the outer reaches of space.

“But wait a minute,” we hear some Fellow Pontificators complain. “Isn’t this precisely how we arrived in this mess in the first place? By overspending on junk we didn’t need and couldn’t afford? Shouldn’t we be paying down our debts and practicing some fiscal responsibility?”

Oh bah humbug! Don’t be such a Grinch! Nobody likes a stickler for inconvenient facts while the eggnog is still flowing.

Besides, Christmas isn’t about spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need…it’s about spending money we don’t have on things other people don’t need. The net effect might be the same, but at least the soundtrack to financial ruin is a feel-good one.


Taken from the Daily Reckoner


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