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September 4, 2011

It IS the economy, after all. Who knew?

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As China Downgrades US Dollar –
“It’s the economy – stupid!”
But nobody talks about “WHY!”

Commentary by Chuck Harder

Bill Clinton said the above quote – yet he was the one who signed NAFTA and GATT that turned out to be the “death warrant” for the US economy. On the front page of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL May 16, 1996 a long story about my predictions ran above the fold. The reporter really didn’t like the fact that I was not a “Bush Globalist” and portrayed me as a radical populist and nationalist who was broadcasting from a “Creaky old hotel.” My warnings were based on the fundamentals elicited by former president Abraham Lincoln. He said back in the railroad era, “If we pay $20 to buy a ton of rails from England – then we have the rails and they the money. If we buy a ton of rails for $25.00 from an American company then we have the rails and keep the money.”

Prior to the policies of Bush and Clinton the USA was a “value added economy.” Only three areas bring wealth: Manufacturing, mining and agriculture. All other activities were supported by the basic structure of the USA and factories being able to ramp up to save the world during World War II. Hitler was once quoted to say that he would never have engaged the USA in war after he learned of the USA launching a new ship every day. Get a set of the 12 DVD’s of THE GREATEST BATTLES and you’ll see how the ability of the American economy saved the world. Today, we have to import parts to make our missiles and drones and when our FCC ordered untold millions of HD TV converter boxes they were all made in China. Think about the fact that almost nothing that plugs into the wall socket is made in the USA.

Although I am involved with a group building a new TV network, I have time to watch the blonde “talking heads” on news channels. To them why we don’t have an economy is a mystery that they cannot comprehend. Let me help all the news folks: “You can’t do business with people who don’t have any money.” When our country lost over 50,000 factories to Asia and Mexico our economy also was exported. Example: How much was an ounce of gold in 1996? What does that same ounce cost today? Oops, the policies of the “Free Traders and Globalists” failed for the USA but instead transferred our wealth in pieces to the third world.

So, you tell me – where does a High School graduate get a job in today’s USA? Surely it won’t be on the factory floor like it was prior to Nixon and then Bush/Clinton. Although Reagan made great speeches between his naps the economy was being slowly moved offshore and when a factory was dismantled and the crates shipped abroad our government called that “a positive export.” I remember Carla Hills commenting on the closing of a plant in Illinois that made brooms. She said that was not a good job anyhow but the workers yelled back that working there paid their bills. Note that as the basic USA economy was dismantled all we heard was nonsense about gun control, gays, abortion, and so forth. The “Hot Button” topics diverted the attention of the media as our country was slowly shipped abroad. Our imports are so vast that steel shipping containers are piled to the sky in port cities and some are now being used to build houses.

Let’s talk about what went wrong and what we can do to rebuild America instead of leaving our kids and grandchildren only of a future with endless debts. –


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